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  • Like many bach owners our property is currently run as a full time holiday rental to help pay its way. We find the "quality" of enquiry via bookabach consistently better - something not always taken into account when assessing sites - which means the conversion rate from enquiry to booking is much higher (ie no time wasters means less mucking around for us). We have now made the decision not to renew listing with another well publicised site, as after over six years on both sites, bookabach now accounts for over 85% of our confirmed bookings per annum. Keep up the good work! :)

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  • Maximum Exposure
    Reach 0.25 million domestic + 65 million int’l travellers a month
  • Incredible Returns
    Earn up to $40,000 per year in rental income (top 5%)
  • Easy-to-use tools
    Best in class reservation and management tools.

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    Your bach as a business

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    How to handle 10 phone calls from renters

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  4. Use your photo gallery to boost bookings

    Use your photo gallery to boost bookings

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Whether you are new to renting your holiday home, an experienced owner-landlord, or a professional property manager, you will find Bookabach a highly effective way to find rental guests and manage your property.

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We don't manage properties, but we know and work with lots of people who do. If you want to rent out your holiday home but want someone else to coordinate bookings, clean and inspect the property, then check out our directory of property managers. These are professionals who actively use Bookabach.

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