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  1. QLDC Proposed District Plan Changes - Have your say!

    QLDC Proposed District Plan Changes - Have your say!

    QLDC have a proposed District Plan change that would see restrictions applied to whole home short-term rental. Here’s our position on the issue - and how you can have your say.... [More]

  2. Preparing your home for holiday rental

    Preparing your home for holiday rental

    Although your primary residence is no doubt already furnished and decorated, you'll have to find a balance between personal convenience and guest comfort if you begin renting it to holiday rental guests.... [More]

  3. 12 easy ways to delight your guests

    In our poll, travellers reveal the top 12 things they care about when renting a holiday home, in their own words.... [More]

  4. How to handle 10 phone calls from renters

    You've just sat down to dinner when the phone rings. It's a renter with a problem that needs solving now...... [More]

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