MARKETING: Bach Owner Protections

When you list a property on Bookabach you are automatically covered by our Liability Protection insurance. If your guest books and pays through Bookabach you also benefit from our backup Property Damage Protection insurance cover.

Liability Protection

What it covers Protects you if you become legally liable to pay arising from injury and/or damage caused by an event that happens in connection with short-term holiday rental[1].
How you qualify
  • Enquiry/booking must have been received via Bookabach
  • New Zealand listings only
  • Domestic (NZ) or International guests
  • You are not otherwise insured for the loss
Amount of cover As defined in policy documents
NZ$2,000,000 for any one event for Public Liability
NZ$1,000,000 for any one event for Statutory Liability
Policy document

Liability Policy Schedule (PDF)

Property Damage Protection

What it covers Loss/damage to your property and contents caused by a short-term holiday rental[1] guest, in the event that your standard home and contents cover fails to pay out. Includes cover for:
  • Accidental or deliberate damage or theft
  • Loss of rental income
  • Unlawful substance contamination
What it doesn't cover Losses caused by:
  • Natural disaster
  • Fire

This is not an exhaustive list - refer to policy document for full details of cover and exclusions.

How you qualify
  • Your guest must have booked and paid through Bookabach[2]
  • You must have valid home and contents insurance (primary cover)
  • New Zealand listings only
Amount of cover As defined in policy documents
NZ$1,000,000 for any one claim[3]
An excess of NZ$500 per Event applies
Policy document

Property Damage Protection Insurance policy (PDF)

IMPORTANT: The above is a summary of the cover protection only, refer to the policy documents for full details and protections provided, including cover conditions and exclusions.

[1] Short-term holiday rental is defined as a stay lasting 60 days or less.
[2] Payment via Bookabach Online Payments or Bookabach Voucher.
[3] Aggregate (total) claim limit NZ$5,000,000 for all claims from all bach owners during the insurance period.

Bookabach is not an insurer or financial service provider. Insurance is administered by Frank Risk Management Ltd (a Registered Financial Service Provider). Insurance cover is provided by NZI. NZI is a business division of IAG New Zealand Limited, which has received a financial strength rating of AA- from Standard & Poor’s (Australia) Pty Ltd, an approved rating agency.

The rating scale is:
AAA (Extremely Strong) AA (Very Strong) A (Strong)
BBB (Good) BB (Marginal) B (Weak)
CCC (Very Weak) CC (Extremely weak) SD​ (Selective Default)​
D​ (Default)​ R​ (Regulatory Supervision)​ NR​ (Not Rated)​
The ratings from 'AA' to 'CCC' may be modified by the addition of a plus (+) or minus (-) sign to show relative standing within the major rating categories.
The rating scale above is in summary form. A full description of this rating scale can be obtained from