MARKETING: How it works - features

Share with family & friends

Add family and friends as property members and allow them to make their own bookings.  Make it clear when the property is in-use, rented or available for rent.
Shared calendaring

Flexible pricing model

You can define any number of tariffs and assign these to date ranges.  Tariffs can be flat-fee (per night) or base-level occupancy with per adult/child additions. Define Pricing Extras that are included, optional or required.  A pricing wizard helps you get started.

Customizable email templates

Save time by creating standard email responses for common activities like accepting or declining bookings; confirming a booking or sending property access instructions.

SMS Text alerts

Not on email every day?  Text alerts are a great way to keep responsive – and they’re free!  You automatically receive a text alert on each booking request or question.

Quotations & Payment tracking

A quotation is automatically generated whenever a booking is added to the calendar.  Once a booking is accepted a booking ledger helps you keep track of charges and payments on each booking.  The Payment Schedule let’s you know when payments are due -  and highlights any that are overdue. 
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Track payments


Reports are available on bookings, occupancy and ins-and-outs (comings and goings).  You can save frequently used reports.

Accept Credit Card payments

The Payment Gateway is the easiest way to take credit card payments on rental bookings.  It is available to anyone with some trading history on Bookabach*. 
More info: Payment Gateway
Credit card payments
* Qualification conditions and transaction charges apply.

Web-widgets & API

Use our handy web-widgets to quickly add Bookabach-like functionality to your own website.  Just cut and paste the associated HTML/script into your web page and you’re done - simple!  If you manage lots of properties you can save time and money by leveraging the tools we’ve already developed. Get your web developer to contact us about using our Application Programmers Interface (API).

More info: Widgets | API