MARKETING: Order a sign for your bach

Printed signs are a great way to promote your bach to foot and road traffic and encourage them to choose your place next time they're in the area.

These Bookabach signs are custom printed in colour on 420x300mm durable Forex plastic (3mm) and include a custom link to your bach listing on the website. 

There’s a choice of designs:

Friendly - with Piwa our trusty fantail

Bookabach Signs - Friendly

Or Classy - a bird-free version that uses the words “holiday home” not “bach”

Bookabach Signs - Classy

Signs cost $19.99 (incl. packing and shipping) and are typically delivered within a week.

The signs are printed to order by Sabre Signs in Christchurch. If you have an order enquiry, or need to follow up regarding a sign shipment please contact Sabre Signs directly on 0800 722 737.