MARKETING: Bookabach Online Payments

Bookabach Payments uses our secure credit card payment gateway. It’s the most convenient and safe way for you and your guests to accept payments online.

Providing a credit card payment option on your listing speeds up the booking process for you and your guest. The credit card facility is available for use by all bach owners and property managers.  The facility uses state-of-the-art payment technology from Payment Express (DPS), so your guests’ credit card details are completely secure.  You can use it on bookings you receive from Bookabach and those you add manually.

Improve conversion by giving guests the convenience of payment by credit card and the peace of mind that funds are held in trust and that all cancellation refund obligations will be met.  72% of Bookabach users indicate to us that they’d prefer to pay using Bookabach Payments.

  • Funds are held in our commercial trust account and are available for drawdown after the stay has completed [1].
  • Can be used by offshore and domestic guests. Save on international bank charges!
  • No owner/manager transaction fees on current listings plans (see below).

Bookings paid for using Bookabach Payments are automatically covered by our Property Damage Protection insurance and our Book with Confidence Guarantee.

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Help: How do I set-up and use online payments?

How it works

Payment Gateway

Transaction fees

Current plans

  Transaction fee[3]
Listing Plan Bookabach booking External bookings
Pay Per BookingNoneNone
Annual Subscription PlusNoneNone

Legacy plans (no longer sold)

  Transaction fee[3]
Listing Plan Bookabach booking External bookings
Annual Subscription
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Annual Subscription
Performance Plan3.50%3.50%


[1] Payments: Funds are automatically disbursed to you after the stay has completed. 
[2] Your Rental Terms must meet the Bookabach requirements of being “workable and reasonable”.
[3] Transaction fees (if applicable) are charged at time of payment to you.  The fee depends on the listing plan the property was on at the time the enquiry was made.  Travellers pay a 3% transaction fee at time of payment in addition to these charges.


Online Payments
  • No set-up charges
  • Funds held in our commercial trust account and paid to you after the stay completes
  • Improved "look-to-book" conversion