MARKETING: Property Managers: Use our API

Save time and money by leveraging the tools that Bookabach has already developed. Get your web developer to use our API. Plus it's FREE!

If you are a property manager have your own website, or thinking about getting one, then you can use the Bookabach API to reduce the time and cost associated with your own web development.

The Bookabach Application Programmers Interface (API)  allows your web-developer to connect directly with the Bookabach system and retrieve and send information.  In the hands of a good developer, our API allows you to:

  • Pull your property listing “content” from Bookabach and display it on your own website.
  • Do advanced searches based on customer criteria, location and availability.
  • Lodge bookings directly into the Bookabach system and synchronize with external booking systems (online or offline).

Using the API will reduce your IT costs - both in the short-term and the long term.  Bookabach has all the sophisticated functionality required to manage content, define pricing and manage rental occupancy. And, we’re dedicated to continually improving this tool-set over time. In fact, it’s pretty much all we do around here!

Using the API will get your website up and running faster and save you and your web developer a considerable amount of time.  You’ll also have the freedom to express yourself and display your listings on your website in any way you wish (including text, images, Google Maps etc.)

Bookings obtained via your website are clearly tagged as having been sourced from your site and are not (Performance Plan) Success Fees bearing*.  There is no charge for using the API, but you do need to have each property actively listed on Bookabach. For more information Contact us.

* NOTE: Performance Plan Success Fees DO apply where the user is tracked as having come via Bookabach to your website.