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Turn your second home into a second income

Pay per Booking
3% commission*
  • No up-front fee, no annual commitment
  • Risk-free - only pay when you get a booking
  • 3% commission when using Bookabach Payments*
Annual Subscription Plus
$299 for 1 year
  • Simple annual subscription
  • Fixed cost
  • No booking commissions

*9% commission on bookings not transacted through Bookabach Payments.

Not sure which listing plan to choose? See our FAQs below. Need help deciding? Call us on 0800 24 44 48.

What our bach owners say

  •   I just want to thank you for being so "doggone helpful" to me with my venture. Have now been running my own bach for 6 months and enjoying the experiance a lot. I ask I'm sure some less than clever questions and have got myself into a quandary or two, but you just "rub my back and pat my head" in the Kiwi vernacular, give your professional advice and send me on my way.....thank you people.  

  •   Thank you for the awesome platform you have provided us for all these years. It's been truly amazing.  

    • New Perspective
    • Member rating
    • Unknown property
  •   Great website and service. Couldn't live without it!  

  •   You have a great site. We have a holiday house listed and only list through you. The site is really wonderfully easy to use and I really like the transparency of the reviews and feedback.  

    • GSFuge
    • Member rating
    • Unknown property
  •   We are very very happy with your service. We have been with you for a number of years and are really impressed.  

  •   We were very nervous about renting out our brand new holiday home, but your systems and help from your team have made it a breeze, from managing enquiries and checking out potential tenants to managing payments. Your hints and tips are great too (Insurance was the first one and it was a godsend!). I'm pleased to say we have haven't any problems with tenants (touch wood), and we're now confident and happy sharing our second home with others. Thanks for your help and support.  

FAQs (Frequenty Asked Questions)

What are the key differences between the listing plans?

Pay per Booking is a pay-on-success based service. You pay for rental bookings we provide, that go ahead, and only after the stay has completed. Additionally, this plan gives you greater marketing exposure through our marketing affiliate channels (NZAA,

The alternative Annual Subscription is a fixed-cost, 12-month subscription, paid for up-front, and with no commissions on bookings.

Can I change from one plan to another after I’ve registered?

Yes, you can move from one plan to another at any time. If you move from an Annual Subscription to Pay per Booking you forfeit the remaining value of your subscription (no refund provided).  But, you will continue to have the ranking benefit of the Spend Points you received.

If you choose to move from Pay per Booking to an Annual Subscription you can do this. But, you are obligated to pay the Pay per Booking commissions associated with any bookings you’ve received up until your move to the Annual Subscription.

When and how do I pay my booking commission? (on Pay per Booking)

Pay per Booking commissions are charged to your member account the day your guest departs. Charges are generated automatically based on booking information from your Calendar.  If the booking was booked and paid for via Bookabach (online payments or voucher payments) then the commission will be 3%.  If the booking was transacted off-platform, via internet banking, cheque or other payment method, then the commission will be 9%.

Accounts in debit need to be settled within 7-days. You can top-up your member account at any time using your credit card, internet banking or by sending us a cheque.

What if I receive a long-term rental while I’m on Pay per Booking?

We charge a maximum of 21-nights commission on any one booking. On these longer-term rentals the commission is billed after the 21st night stay.

What happens if I have a cancellation?

We do not charge commissions on stays that do not go ahead. Should you have a cancellation before a stay commences just cancel the booking in Bookabach.  If you forget to cancel a booking you can cancel it later (by contacting our support desk), and we will reverse the commission charge on your account. We charge a nominal administration fee for commission changes and reversals as it is a manual process.

Will I be charged for bookings I add to the system?

No, we only charge Pay per Booking commissions on bookings that we generate. There is no charge to manually add rental bookings you receive from other sources, or private use bookings for family and friends.

I have multiple properties to list. Am I eligible for a discount?

Yes, we provide discounts for multiple listings.  If you manage five or more properties then contact Bookabach Sales for more information.