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    Since going live in October 2000 Bookabach has built one of New Zealand's largest communities of bach owners and renters.

    Now, with over 450,000+ registered users and over 10,000+ properties, Bookabach has become the go-to website for NZ holiday rental.

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    Whether you're new to holiday rental, an experienced owner-manager, or a professional property manager you'll find Bookabach a reliable source of rental.

    Choose from a simple annual Subscription Plan, or pay-on-success with our Performance Plan. Performance Plan boosts your exposure with additional marketing opportunities including pay-for-ranking, home page presence, additional marketing channels and preferential appearance in any push-marketing campaigns we do.

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    Time to get your creative juices flowing! Use our simple listing wizard to create your full-page listing. Your listing includes all the information you need to profile your property in detail: pictures; text; facilities; bedroom layouts and pricing.

    You’re bound to want to change it over time, so you have full control and can make changes whenever you want.

    Your listing will show up in search results using various search criteria.

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    Bookabach receives thousands of visitors every day. The website has been heavily optimised for major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing). We operate paid search and social media campaigns on Google, Facebook and Twitter, and have selected partnerships with other online, print and media partners. We also use regular direct email marketing to our active membership of repeat Bookabach users. Lastly, Bookabach is part of HomeAway network. This allows us to tap into the resources of the largest holiday home rental business in the world, and reach out across the global HomeAway network of websites to the kind of independent travellers who would likely book a Kiwi bach or holiday home.

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    Handling bookings

    Our goal is to make the process as easy and as efficient as possible – for both parties. You receive rental requests for known dates, based on availability information you’ve provided in your Bookabach calendar. With each booking request or question you receive an email and an SMS text message alert (if you’ve opted-in to these).

    If this guest has rented before through Bookabach (or another Bookastay Network website) you'll be able to view their rental history, and testimonials from other property owners/managers.

  • Manage all your bookings

    Manage all your bookings

    Our bookings system helps you keep track of all your bookings from first contact through to confirmed and completed stays.

    If you have your own website, you can quickly and easily add a calendar, booking form and picture gallery using our web-widgets. Any booking requests made via your website automatically appear in Bookabach, and can be clearly identified as having come from your website.

  • Over 90% of owners/managers would recommend us*

    Time at the bach

    With a website that's continuously improved, and great web and phone support, you'll quickly find out we’re passionate about holiday rental. It's all we do here. It's why we've been rewarded with high approval ratings and gushing customers…

    "I am constantly amazed at the level of bookings we continue to get…. Seriously, it is just incredible what you guys ensure we achieve. It really is amazing."

    "Bookabach provided 81 rentals, the other site I use provided 49. A third, minor site provided 2."

    "By far you guys are in the top 1% of helpful and friendly businesses I have dealt with in business in the last 10 years."

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    *Source: 2012 Owner/Manager survey

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Property Managers: Manage five or more properties? Contact us about bulk listing options and pricing.

Flexible pricing model

We offer a choice of pay-on-success with our Pay per Booking plan, or a fixed annual cost with our Annual Subscription plan.

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Accept online payments

Bookabach online payments is the safest and easiest way to accept credit card payments - and there are no transaction fees!

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Free Text alerts

We'll automatically send you a text alert when you have a new enquiry or booking.

Manage all bookings

You can manage all your bookings through Bookabach. The website automatically create quotations on any bookings you add and helps you keep track of who owes you money.

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Share with family & friends

If you share your back with family and friends you can add them to Bookabach and have them manage their own bookings. They'll be able to see when the property is in-use, rented or otherwise not available.

Customizable email templates

Save time by creating standard email responses for common activities like accepting or declining bookings; confirming a booking or sending property access instructions.